5 Reasons to Work With an In-House Designer

5 Reasons To Work With an In-House Designer

When you wander into a furniture store, do you find yourself overwhelmed by the choices? You should work with an in-house interior designer to save you time and money.

Maybe you’ve already painted your home in neutral tones, but now you’re looking for furniture that will liven it up and tie it together. Or perhaps you have a few pieces of furniture you want to work into your final design plan, but you don’t know how to merge these existing elements. Whatever your dreams and vision for your Lehigh Valley home, our in-house furniture designers can help you achieve them.

If you face any of the following challenges when you decorate and furnish your home, an in-house designer can help.

In-House Designer

You Have Heirloom Pieces You’d Like to Keep, But Aren’t Sure How They Will Work with New Furniture

It isn’t always easy to merge heirloom pieces and new furniture additions to your home. If you have traditional pieces and want to incorporate modern additions, you should pinpoint the room’s overall design aesthetic.

Do you want to create a space that is elegant, contemporary, cozy, lived-in, or traditional? Transitional spaces can look cohesive if you tie in various elements through fabrics, blankets, throw rugs, wall hangings, lamps, and accessories.

A designer can help you place your new furniture alongside your existing pieces so it creates a natural flow through the room and nothing looks out of place.

Hint: You can also merge newer furniture that was purchased before your redesign in similar ways.

In-House Designer

You Get Overwhelmed Strolling a Furniture Showroom or Browsing the Internet

It’s nice to have options in furniture and other home décor, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you pinpoint your style and aesthetic, you’ll easily identify pieces you love.

Because in-house designers know the products within a furniture store, they can draw from all the possibilities to put together a cohesive look.

They are uniquely equipped to choose furniture that meets your needs because they understand what fabrics and colors go best together.

You don’t have to spend time to seeking out pieces that catch your eye. Our designer, much like a personal shopper in a clothing store, will use their knowledge, experience, and intuition to guide you toward the best choices for your Lehigh Valley home.

In-House Designer

You Want a Departure from Your Usual Style That You Will Still Love

Are you ready to reinvent your Lehigh Valley home? A designer can work within the framework of styles, color palettes, and layouts you love to create something different than your usual aesthetic.

Take some time before you visit the furniture store to collect photos online of your dream home. Share photos from Pinterest and Houzz to give your designer an idea of your style and what you love.

Remember, you can take elements from one image, colors from another, and design inspiration from a third. The designer can help you pull it all together. You can save everything that speaks to you and work with the designer to sort it out.

You may decide you don’t want to replicate a specific look from an image you found online. Even though you love the design, it may not exactly be for you. There’s a good possibility it might not fit the space you have either. A good designer can use the images you share to create a vibe you will love.

If you prefer not to visit our furniture showroom, our in-house designers can work virtually, taking a look at your favorite images and collaborating via text, e-mail, phone, and Zoom.

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You Aren’t Good with Furniture Placement

Have you ever thought you measured correctly down to the inch, only to bring home a piece of furniture or artwork, and realized it is too small or too large for the space? Your sofa, chair, or console table may “fit,” technically speaking, but it looks lost against a big white wall or feels crammed into a corner.

In-house designers use computer-aided design (CAD) programs and other technology to ensure the furniture you choose looks like it was made for the room.

Living Room Interior Design

You Need a Design Plan Because You Can’t Create Your Dream Room in One Stop

If you’re not ready for big, drastic changes all at once, a designer can create a gradual game plan that fits your needs and budget to transform your home in small, simple steps.

It helps to have a plan so you can budget for new purchases. Best of all, since every piece will be hand-picked to enhance the room, your home won’t look like it’s a work-in-progress but will just keep getting better with each new addition.

Would you consider working with an in-house designer to redesign your Lehigh Valley home? Visit www.hendrixsonsfurniture.com to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our in-house designers today.


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