Ambella Home Collection was founded by George Moussa. The son of an importer, George had his father as a business and importing mentor from an early age, and over the years, has created his own passion for the business.

Each Ambella Home Collection piece is uniquely designed for the line and manufactured overseas. The production is meticulously managed so that a beautiful piece is the final result every time – from the production sample shown at market to a reorder one year later.

Overseeing the selection of the best raw materials, using skilled carvers and craftsmen, having artistic finishers, and then packing the piece so it arrives in pristine condition are just a few ways we know that Ambella Home has standards of quality.

They take pride on selecting the best materials for each furniture piece in order to ensure that it will withstand the test of time. For each item, they carefully select the wood, marble, granite, stone, iron, metal, glass, mirror, fabric or hardware, then hand-craft each design using the best design process, techniques, and finishes. Quality materials, combined with quality construction, result in craftsmanship that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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