Experience Comfort Like No Other: Ekornes’ Stressless Line in Philadelphia PA, will leave you speechless

Hendrixson’s Furniture is pleased to offer Ekornes’ Stressless line in Philadelphia PA, helping homeowners to relax and unwind with luxury furniture. Designing your dream home isn’t solely about aesthetics but creating a welcoming and comfortable space. Whether you’re a new homeowner, a parent, an empty nester looking to downsize, or a proud pet owner, home is where you should feel the most at ease – and realizing that vision has never been easier. 


What is Ekornes’ Stressless Furniture?

Crafted to be a calming oasis, Stressless Furniture by Ekornes has been the ideal spot to recharge your body and mind since 1971. It began with the company’s Scandinavian-inspired recliner and has since expanded to couches, chairs for home offices, and dining room seating. These high-quality pieces feature superior orthopedic cushioning, gorgeous finishes, and innovative technologies. For example, not only does the padding of the Ekornes’ Stressless recliner provide the perfect balance between plush comfort and ergonomic support, but the glide system allows you to precisely adjust the chair to your needs with ease. 


Seamless Style Integration Means Less Stress

Ekornes’ Stressless Furniture adds a layer of luxury to its soothing seating options through personalization, making every piece look right at home, in your home — effortlessly. Their expanded line of recliners has something for every taste, from the supple and inviting Stressless Max to the sleek and contemporary Stressless Admiral. You can tailor your desired recliner size and base to fit your style preferences. Similarly, there are various configurations to choose from when deciding on an Ekornes’ Stressless sofa, allowing you to select the ideal arrangement for your home and lifestyle. 


Ekornes' Stressless Line


You can even bring tranquility to the office with high-back or low-back Ekornes’ Stressless office chairs. Each design in the collection blends professionalism with function and style. Crafted to provide continuous support and reduce pressure, you’ll be amazed at how the chair follows your every movement as you shift positions throughout the day. When it’s time to sign off after a productive day of work, you can look forward to dining in comfort with Ekornes’ Stressless furniture for the table. Pleasant meals with family and friends are much more enjoyable with innovative seating that discreetly flexes and adjusts to your position and movements. 


What is Scandinavian Design Furniture?  

Ekornes, Norway’s largest furniture producer, created their Stressless line with Scandinavian design style in mind. Many of their pieces embody the signature function-meets-beauty trait synonymous with the aesthetic. Also referred to as Scandi design, the look is often minimalistic, understated, and clean. The goal is to let the product’s natural charm and function shine rather than covering it up with superfluous features. As a result, furniture created in the Scandinavian style is typically warm, light, inviting, and uncluttered– ideal for Ekornes’ Stressless line. 


However, the company takes the functional-yet-aesthetically-alluring combination one step further. They discreetly include innovative technologies that enhance comfort and support while not detracting from the luxurious look of the furniture. 


A Taste of Scandi Design with Ekornes’ Stressless In Philadelphia, PA, at Hendrixson’s 

Hendrixson’s Furniture is proud to offer Ekornes’ Stressless Line, treating you to the best in relaxing yet beautiful pieces for almost every room of your home. Our professionals can help navigate your furniture needs and budget. With 50 years of experience helping homeowners realize their design visions, we are happy to provide exceptional service. 


From the initial planning stages to deciding on the little details, our knowledgeable staff can guide you every step of the way. If you want to infuse your home with the tasteful tranquility of Ekornes’ Stressless furniture in Philadelphia, PA, we’re the place to start. 


Our offices are located in Bucks County, PA (215-240-4842) and Emmaus, Lehigh Valley (610-477-3747). 


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