Window Treatments Trending for 2021

5 Window Treatments Trending for 2021

As spring approaches, it’s time to consider bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home. Custom window treatments can help frame the outdoors and beautify the inside of your home.

The right window treatments will also accentuate the design, color, and shape of your heirloom furniture, helping your house look like a million bucks. But what are the season’s hottest window treatment trends? Here are 5 top window treatments trending for 2021.

Window Treatments -Drapery Sheers

1. Layer Drapery Sheers for a Fun and Whimsical Look

Drapery sheers have been on-trend for a while now. They can look great with solid or patterned drapes over them, so you can pull the fabric drape aside and let the light shine in while maintaining privacy.

Window Treatments -Roman Shades

2. Use Roman Shades for a Classic Look That Matches Any Décor

Roman shades come in many styles and patterns, but they all share one thing in common. They offer a clean and streamlined look. Roman shades can help put your furniture in the spotlight. These classic window treatments work well in any décor, giving your home a rich and luxurious look and feel.

Because of their unique design, roman shades do a great job blocking light from your home when closed. Additionally, you can layer drapery sheers over roman blinds.  Finally, if you lean toward more traditional home décor, you can add a pretty patterned valance over your Roman shades to give windows a softer, cozier look.

Window Treatments -Solar Shades

3. Dress Up Solar Shades with a Variety of Window Treatments

You can select solar shades that allow light to filter in during the day. Depending on the style of the polyester weave, however, some solar shades can block light completely.  Therefore, these are perfect for serving as blackout shades for a home theater, family room, or bedroom.

Depending on the color and style you choose, solar shades can look great on their own, offering a clean, streamlined look that complements your window frame. Of course, you can dress them up with draperies, sheers, or even a valance to match your style and preference.

Window Treatments -Hardwood Blinds

4. Embrace a Classic Look with Hardwood Blinds

Slatted hardwood blinds can deliver a classic or contemporary look to any room of your home. Easy to open or close to adjust the amount of light you let in, hardwood blinds also represent one of the most affordable options in window treatments. You can choose natural wood or painted options to match any décor.

Motorized Solar Shades

5. Opt for Convenience with High-Tech Window Treatments

Solar shades, Roman shades, and drapes all work well with motorized hardware that automates the opening and closing of your window treatments. Program the shades to open and close at set times, or adjust your window treatments with a swipe on your smartphone. You can even control your draperies and blinds through voice commands if you connect them to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart speaker. Motorized shades and draperies are best installed by a professional, who can integrate your window treatments into any other smart technology within your home.

If you’re unsure about the type of window treatments that would look best in your home, or if you want to give your house a whole new style, our in-house drapery specialist, together with our very talented designers at Hendrixson’s Furniture can help. Reach out to get some design help from our talented team.

Are you planning to update your window treatments this spring? What styles are you considering?  Call Hendrixson’s Furniture today and let us help you create the home you’ve always wanted.  We offer furniture, rugs, accessories, custom draperies and much more.


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