From Tradition to Trendsetting: Stickley Furniture’s Influence in Philadelphia PA’s Design Scene

At Hendrixson’s Furniture, nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, we proudly showcase the timeless craftsmanship of Stickley. With Gustav Stickley’s legacy as our foundation, each piece epitomizes the enduring standards of excellence in furniture design. From the meticulously crafted joinery to the exquisite wood selection, every detail speaks to a tradition of unparalleled quality and artistry. As custodians of this esteemed brand, we invite you to experience the enduring allure of Stickley’s creations at Hendrixson’s Furniture, where heritage meets modern elegance.  Continue reading to discover the influence of Stickley Furniture in Philadelphia PA. 


First-Class Craftsmanship And Intricate Details Cemented His Legacy 

Stickley built a reputation for himself and his work when it came to his craftsmanship and the intricate details embedded in each design. For instance, the Stickley brand is primarily known for its iconic Morris chairs. In addition to their flat armrests, the design of these chairs is further enhanced by the reclining backrests. First-class craftsmanship of the Stickley brand influenced craftsmen and local artisans throughout Pennsylvania to make quality a top priority with their own designs and work overall. 


Stickley Furniture in Philadelphia PA Still Inspires Local Designers

The Stickley furniture company still serves a continuous source of inspiration for local designers. The commitment of the Stickley brand to functionality, clean lines, and the creative use of natural materials inspires many others to extend beyond the boundaries of traditional furniture design. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with top-notch artistry and contemporary aesthetics allow his work to remain appealing to even younger generations of artists and furniture designers today. 



Preserve The Heritage Of American Craftsmanship & Artisanal Woodwork 

The Stickley brand proves that there is nothing wrong with maintaining time-honored techniques. Quite a few artists and designers make a mistake today by attempting to reinvent the wheel. However, the techniques that Stickley made famous with his work prove that timeless classics make a more monumental impact on the industry as a whole. Philadelphia is known for preserving its extensive history of artisanal creations, which makes it a perfect match for the lasting presence of the Stickley brand and overall influence. 


Trusting In The Beauty Of The Story Behind The Creation Itself 

Another key factor of the Stickley brand that has impacted the arts and crafts world as a whole – including custom furniture design – is the story found within the work itself. Gustav Stickley was once quoted as saying that the “beauty of a handmade object lies not only in its physical appearance, but also in the story and skill behind its creation.” Store-bought furniture made on assembly lines that follow the same cookie-cutter designs do not have a deep story or impressive skill involved. Handmade creations – such as custom furniture – offers a charming backstory and undeniable testament to the skill placed within its materials and woodwork. Taking the time to explore and admire the handiwork of an artist can transport us into their world.


We are able to see the world through their eyes and get the full experience through their handiwork. In addition to creating a longtime conversation starter for anyone that visits your home, investing in custom furniture will prove to be a worthwhile investment that increases in both value and appeal over time. 


In one of our two Pennsylvania showrooms, you can find some of the best quality, custom-made Stickley furniture pieces available. Reach out to our team at Hendrixson Furniture today to schedule a free appointment and see how we can create a timeless classic work of art for your family to enjoy within your home. You can reach us online at our website or call us at (215) 352-5243 to set up your consultation and allow us to prove our quality handiwork to you firsthand.

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