5 Essential Pieces of Furniture for Every Lehigh Valley Home

5 Essential Pieces of Furniture for Every Lehigh Valley Home

Remember growing up in a home filled with iconic furniture pieces?  You saw an armoire in the master bedroom, a china cabinet filled with family heirloom china and fine crystal in the dining room, and a wall-size entertainment center in the living room with a 24-inch tube TV tucked behind closed doors. As a child, you may not have considered it, but these were the pieces that said, “Grownups live here.”  Now that you’re the grown-up with a home of your own, you want to fill it with pieces that exemplify adulthood in the new millennium. Choose carefully when you purchase these five essential furniture pieces for your Lehigh Valley home. It’s okay to spend a bit more, making an investment in heirloom-quality furniture that will stand the test of time.

Essential Pieces of Furniture

A High-Quality, Comfortable Sofa or Sectional

As people spend more time at home, the living room or family room has begun to replace the kitchen as the center of activity. People lounge on the couch to talk, play mobile games, and consume media. With movie theaters closed for the foreseeable future, it’s especially important to have a comfy sofa or sectional where the family can gather to stream Netflix or watch their favorite movies.

Sectionals offer the most flexibility with room for the whole family to relax but also demand the most durability. Some features to look for in a quality sectional include:

  • sturdy frame construction,
  • 3-4 rows of hand-tied springs or straps in the upholstered seat deck,
  • reclining backs for perfect positioning every time,
  • lifetime cushion replacement guarantee, and
  • stain and fade resistant leather or fabrics.

Reading Chair

Whether you’re reading Kindle books on your mobile device, surfing the Web on a laptop, or snuggled up with an actual, paper book, you need a comfortable spot to enjoy it.

Also, you might consider creating a reading nook with an oversized chair and a half or a chaise lounge.  A Stressless chair designed to provide comfort and flexibility, or a stylish wingback chair with an ottoman will also work well. Additionally, if you have space in a corner of your living room, family room, or even your bedroom, an oversized chair is perfect for reading or taking a nap.

Finally, add decorative pillows, a cozy throw blanket, and a bookcase off to the side for the ultimate book nook. And don’t forget a reading light.

An Heirloom Quality Dining Room or Kitchen Table

As much as entertainment has migrated to the living room or family room for watching shows and playing video games, people still love to gather around the dining room table for meals.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with close friends or Thanksgiving dinner with family, you’ll want a high-quality, beautiful dining room table as the focal point of it all.

To choose the perfect table, first decide on your home’s style. Contemporary? Traditional? Transitional? Mid-century modern? Then, determine how much seating you’ll need for everyday meals and special events. A table with a leaf adds flexibility for additional seating when you need it.

Choose a table that is the right size for the room. People should, ideally, be able to walk comfortably around the table even when chairs are pulled out.

Construction for your essential furniture pieces should include materials like solid wood or metal.  These elements are sturdy, solid, easy to clean, and will stand the test of time.

A Luxurious Bed as Part of a Tranquil Bedroom Retreat

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep in the modern Lehigh Valley home. More than one-third of adults ages 20 to 39 report problems sleeping, including “short sleep duration.” You don’t have to be a statistic. Focus on creating a comfortable bedroom retreat with a high-quality mattress as the centerpiece.

Your bed and other bedroom furniture should fit your home’s style and décor and provide enough space for you (and your partner or other family members and pets) to fit comfortably. You should have enough room to walk next to the bed on both sides. Consider nightstands flanking the bed to create a sense of symmetry and some extra storage.

Whatever bedroom set you choose, top it off with a two-sided mattress made with all-natural materials for a better night’s sleep.

At Hendrixson’s Furniture, we recommend Shifman Mattresses.  These are luxury, two-sided mattresses available in various levels of firmness to fit any taste and preference. You can visit Shifman Mattresses to learn all you need to know about a quality two-sided mattress from Shifman.

A Sturdy Desk for Your Personal Workspace

Whether you’re one of the many people working remotely during the pandemic, running a side business from your home, or just need a spot to pay bills and manage your household, one essential furniture piece you need is a desk in your Lehigh Valley home.

Consider the space you have available.  Then select a desk with enough surface area and storage to fit your needs. Keep cable management in mind, especially if you have multiple monitors or devices that you keep plugged in during the day. Look for ways to naturally conceal cords and use cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer attached to the desk to keep unsightly cables at bay.

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated home office, you may want a desk that you can conceal behind cabinet doors in your family room when you’re not using it. That way, you won’t have work on your mind when you’re bingeing Schitt’s Creek (for the third time) during stay-at-home date night.

Which rooms of your home do you spend the most time in? What piece of furniture do you consider a must-have?

Visit Hendrixson’s Furniture for design and décor ideas and high-quality furniture for your Lehigh Valley home.

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