Als ik Kan –“To the best of my ability” (old Flemish craftsman’s saying and original Stickley motto)

Stickley Furniture’s roots go back to the turn of the century and the Arts and Crafts movement. Perhaps no artistic movement better represents the ideals which the Stickley brothers espoused in their day and which the company continues to symbolize today—That all human products should be made to the best of the craftsman’s ability and, therefore, that they should be ennobling both in their creation and in their enjoyment.


Borrowing from such thinkers as William Morris and John Ruskin in England, Gustav and Leopold Stickley strove to oppose the tide of cheaply made and mass produced furniture of the Industrial Age by returning to the fundamental principles of furniture construction.

However, unlike many of the purists of the time, Gustav and Leopold believed that they could achieve these ends by placing the power of industrial technology in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen.

Today Stickley Furniture continues to live by this Craftsman ethic in the furniture it builds, in the treatment of its employees, and in its relationship to those companies selected to represent its product. They have also expanded the products it offers to include traditional 18th-century designs to more contemporary styles often borrowing influences from its own “Mission” or Arts and Crafts styles. Stickley produces its own line of fine upholstery and leather furniture. Finally, this family owned and operated business has revived such other fine furniture companies as John Widdicomb and Nichols and Stone.

A Heartfelt Invitation

We invite you to discover the world of hand-crafted Stickley furniture.  Discover Stickley’s roots of their tradition.  Each craftsperson embodies the pride, passion, and spirit that spans generations.  Consequently, this helps us to share a marvelous story.  You have graciously invited Stickley x Hendrixson’s into your homes.  Hence, we’d like to do the same for you.

Thank you for helping Hendrixson’s write our Stickley story.  Accordingly, you ensure that this vibrant legacy lives on for generations to come.

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