Designing for Tranquility: Creating a Serene Retreat

The pressures of balancing work and home, hobbies, and invitations (just to name a few) leave a person weary. It’s normal to experience minor levels of stress, nervousness, and worry in life. But, when it’s constant, it wears on a person’s coping mechanisms. Without a serene retreat, anxiety and depression increase.

Building a comforting personal space has certain elements that help, including the distinctive items we offer at Hendrixon’s Furniture. You do not have to give up style for serenity!

Designing for Tranquility: Creating a Serene Retreat

Signs You Should Design for Tranquility

Sometimes, people get used to stress and ignore the effects it has on their lives. Signs that it’s time to create a serene retreat include:

  • Nonstop worrying
  • Crying unexpectedly
  • Being irritable
  • Retreating from friends or family
  • Becoming an overachiever in the quest for perfection
  • Sleep disorders
  • Changed in eating patterns (over or under-eating)
  • Decreased job performance
  • Being unorganized, not setting and following through on priorities

If you are nodding your head right now, it’s time to get honest with yourself. Think about the things that make you feel at ease. Is it watching a fun movie, for example? Well, then, you want a comfortable seat for the show, like the cozy, comfy recliner by Stressless, with over 30 years of customer satisfaction. 

Designing for Tranquility: 5 Specifics

Let’s look at some ways you can adapt a room and make it truly serene. 

  1. Bring Outdoors, Indoors: A few plants perk up any space. Plus, some plants like jasmine, lavender, peace lilies, gardenia, and chamomile encourage healthy sleep. Plants smooth the environment, offering harmony.
  2. Color Your World: There are specific colors that tone down “busy brain.” Pale shades of green, blue, and pink are fresh and light-hearted. At Hendrixson’s, we know you probably don’t want to jump out and buy new furniture. So, why not let our designers help with new upholstery choices?
  3. Open the Curtains! Maximize natural light in the space. Reflective surfaces improve the amount of light in a room. You might also look to sunlamps with ultraviolet B for that Vitamin D boost. Also, you can buy lightbulbs that mimic natural light.
  4. Tidy up: To modify an old saying, a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start in one corner, step back to appreciate the work, and go forward.
  5. Beautiful Beds, Comfortable Tranquility: You need to sleep in order to have fresh thoughts and energy. Bedding is a HUGE part of the sleep equation. So don’t skimp on this step. If you want the ultimate sleep experience, consider the incredible handcraftsmanship in a Shifman mattress. It’s like lying on a cloud. 

Try one or more of these suggestions and see what happens!

Why Hendrixson’s Furniture?

At Hendrixson’s, we bring 50 years of experience. We watch trends in furniture and interior design, constantly seeking the best of the best. As a family business, we strive to make you feel comfortable and welcome, offering personal touches for your lifestyle.


We have two stores you can visit. The first is in Furlong, Bucks County, PA, 215-240-4842. The second is in Emmaus, Leigh Valley, PA 610-477-3747. For more information, you can use our online contact form, too. We look forward to serving you!

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