Design a Home Office that Boosts Productivity and Creativity

While many think that working at home is bliss, it is NOT easy. Your home has many distractions that an office setting does not. You are now under your own direction, even when reporting to management. Becoming your own “hall monitor” and focusing on staying on task both take practice and dedication. 

On the upside, many people report decreased anxiety when allowed to work from home. So, how can you design your home office so it boosts productivity and creativity? As you might expect, there’s a lot of psychology behind reordering your world.

6 Tips for Setting up a Home Office that Boosts Productivity and Creativity. 

At Hendrixson’s, we meet people all the time whose lives have changed in one form or another. In recent years, especially in light of Covid. Finding the best possible approaches for productivity means achievement and success. Here are a few things that can help you.

1. Ergonomic furniture. 

Thoughtful design can be beautiful and practical. Furniture companies like Stressless focus their attention on neck and back support. When you are sitting for long hours, it’s important to think about the impact on your body. By the way, try out at least 10 chairs, narrow the selection to 5, and then figure out your favorite. You really need comparison shopping here.

2. A Place for Everything. 

There is nothing worse than taking 15 minutes looking for something when you need it now. Storage solutions help, but they don’t have to be traditional. For example, you might consider a sideboard from the Ambella home collection. They’re spacy and look like “real” furniture rather than a filing cabinet.

3. Personalization. 

Add bits of art, plants, quotes, vision boards, etc. to make this area uniquely your own. Our design crew at Hendrixson’s can guide you through this process.

4. Let the sun shine! 

Wherever practicable, bring natural light into your workspace and, for that matter, your entire home. Light is a real mood booster.

5. Layout. 

You may need to move things a few times until you find the spots where they work best. Do you want an area for collaboration and another strictly for desk work? Cater to your job’s specific requirements. Also, figure out how “tech” forward you want your space for convenience but also comfort. 

6. Color your World. 

The psychology of color targets blue for enhanced focus. Orange is innovative and energetic.  Green is balanced. Neutrals are, well, neutral! They keep things on an even keel.

Design a Home Office that Boosts Productivity and Creativity

Of course, there are other considerations. For example, how can you decrease distraction? Will you set up business hours (and breaks) for yourself? Both of these matters influence your creativity and productivity in a home office.

The Hendrixson’s Difference

Not everyone has the ability to see a space as a “done deal.” And, that’s okay. Our Hendrixson’s professionals have 50 years of experience helping people bring a space to life. The staff is warm and dedicated to your satisfaction. Come on in any time for a design consultation to get the ball rolling. 


Reach out to our Furlong office in Buck’s County (215-240-4842) or the Emmaus office in Lehigh Valley (610-477-3747). Or you can use our contact form online.


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