Why Stressless Chairs Are a Must-Have Addition to Your Philadelphia PA Home

It’s been a long week. You’re looking forward to some R&R, but your back aches. Even your favorite chair doesn’t seem to make a difference. This problem is why Stressless chairs are a must-have addition to your Philadelphia PA home. And it’s why Hendrixson’s carries a line of Stressless chairs, loveseats, and sofas. 

What is a Stressless Chair?

The name really says everything. The build of a Stressless recliner, for example, has specific lumbar and back support. This, in turn, helps with body alignment. As a testament to this truth, the American Chiropractic Association endorses them.

Your current recliner could actually be hurting you. By comparison, Stressless pieces are ergonomically correct. They make reclining easy and incredibly comfortable.

Why Stressless Chairs Are a Must-Have Addition to Your Philadelphia PA Home

Benefits of a Stressless Chair

Besides the support to your lumbar spine, Stressless chairs have several other qualities, including: 

  • Alleviating Back Pain: Stressless chairs distribute your weight across their frame. This decreases pressure on your back and spine. The reclining angle also makes them ideal for temporary pain relief and overall leisure. They feel luxurious.
  • Blood Circulation: In a reclining position, a Stressless chair encourages improved blood flow. And if your aches and pains come from poor circulation, you receive the benefits! Additionally, healthy blood circulation reduces inflammation in your back. 
  • Improved Posture. When sitting, the Stressless chairs are designed to keep your body in the proper position following the natural curves of your spine. The National Institute of Health (NIH) says that improved posture leads to feeling less stressed and improving your mood!
  • Prevent Back Damage. People sit a lot. This often causes lower back issues. An ergonomic chair protects your back, especially if you spend all day in one place. 

Now, you might think a “healthy” chair isn’t overly attractive. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you explore Stressless chairs at Hendrixson’s, you’ll discover beauty and fine craftsmanship. There is something for every lifestyle!

The Corporate Culture Behind Stressless Chairs in Philadelphia PA

Ekorns (the brand owner) introduced the Stressless recliner in the early 1970s. They designed the ultimate product with an evolutionary, innovative design. Ekorns focuses on eco-conscious production and respects the environment by seeking high-quality green materials.  

Ekorns also has continuous recycling and reusing methods. Nothing goes into landfills. Excess wood supplies heat in their facilities, and they sell leather scraps to smaller companies. When you buy a Stressless chair, you can do so knowing the company has the smallest carbon footprint possible. In other words, their chairs are not only good for you but for the earth!


Another reason why Stressless chairs are a must-have addition to your Philadelphia PA home is longevity. These furniture pieces have quality designs that endure the test of time. From the base to the fabric, each material is extensively tested for durability. Add to that expert construction, and you can’t go wrong. 

Why Stressless Chairs Are a Must-Have Addition to Your Philadelphia PA Home

It’s Time to Design

Stressless chairs are versatile. You have options in terms of your leather and fabrics. You can even choose your base and stain! At Hendrixson’s we have a design team that can help you with these options, finding just the right combination to suit your needs and tastes.

Why Work With Hendrixson’s?

When you are shopping for any type of furniture, including Stressless designs, you want a company with knowledge to guide you. We have more than 50 years of experience in interior design and furniture. Ours is a warm, personable atmosphere where well-trained personnel wait to answer your questions. We are in your Philadelphia backyard. Contact us!

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