Why Berks County, PA Residents Love Stressless Armchairs: A Closer Look

The search for the perfect chair has begun. It seems like you’ve tried 101 different armchairs until you stumble on the Stressless Furniture Line. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Finally, you can have a quality design without losing comfort. In fact, Stressless chairs were designed with comfort in mind. Wonder why Berks County, PA, residents love stressless armchairs? Read on!

Stressless Chairs 101

Stressless chairs hail from Norway based, as you might guess, on Norwegian designs. There’s something minimalist about an armchair’s silhouette. The feel is open, and there’s a size for everyone. At Hendrixson’s, we are proud to carry the Stressless line because its superior styling and construction stand out as an ideal choice for many of our customers. 

The main thing setting Stressless armchairs apart for Berks County, PA, residents is the lumbar support the chairs provide. No matter how you move, your body continues to have underlying comfort that’s undeniable. But really, that’s just the beginning of this closer look at Stressless armchairs.

Stressless Armchairs in Berks County PA

Choices, Choices, Choices

Most of the time, when you go into a store to buy an armchair, what you see is what you get. And while a piece might come close to your expectations, there’s still something missing. Stressless furniture, however, is completely customizable. The professionals at Hendrixson’s can help you coordinate upholstery colors and other features suited to your lifestyle. Better still, the Stressless collection doesn’t end with armchairs. There are sofas, recliners, loveseats, and ottomans to round out your choice and create the perfect visual impact for your design.

Gliding into Satisfaction

Stressless recliners have a patented glide system. This unique feature “reads” your body weight and shape and adjusts to it as you move around. The adaptive result feels natural. Add to that a base that swivels 360 degrees, and your motion is never restricted. Be forewarned. These chairs are so cozy you may not want to get up!

An All-Around Company

The originator of the Stressless armchair, Ekorne, knows that life doesn’t end in the armchair! They have extended their lines to include office chairs, too. Considering how long many of us spend sitting in front of our computers, this addition is stellar. High backs, low backs, and adjustable headrests ensure your work hours don’t result in a backache. 

Trying Out Stressless Armchairs in Berks County, PA

Reading about Stressless armchairs doesn’t really do them justice. Try them out in person! Visit Hendrixson’s at one of our location’s showrooms. We have over 50 years of experience in furniture and stand behind every brand we carry. It’s one reason, besides a welcoming atmosphere, that you should consider working with us. We are located in Lehigh Valley and Furlong, PA, for your convenience. You can also contact us online by using THIS FORM.

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