Montgomery County’s Best-Kept Secrets: Hidden Gems in High-End Furniture

Destination: Montgomery County. This area has a rich and unique history and produced magnificent items for which you may be looking. Luxury furniture is one of Montgomery County’s Best-Kept Secrets. Discover high-end furniture in Montgomery County with Hendrixson’s Furniture. Here, you’ll find superior and quality pieces offering comfort and beauty. 

You want excellent materials, creative styles, and wood carving, well, the list is really endless. Montgomery County has it all.

Shopping by Lifestyle

Before you go, think about the keynotes for your trip. Are you looking for cultural pieces? Pieces of personal interest? Collectibles? High-end luxury furniture? While window shopping is fun, it can become tiring unless you have a focus. You can narrow down your choices based on your overall lifestyle.

Design, Function, Lavishness

What each person considers high-end furniture is somewhat subjective. Most often, you’re looking for things like:

  • Solid wood 
  • Genuine leather
  • Innovation
  • High-grade fabric
  • Exclusive finishes
  • Superior aesthetic

Among the hidden gems in high-end furniture, you’ll discover luxury, comfort, and excellent durability to last the test of time. Even one piece of high-end furniture can elevate a space.

Go Contemporary?

Contemporary pieces mirror design as patterning concepts from the end of the Industrial era until the present. The key features in contemporary works include bright steel, plastic, and molded plywood. The overall impact is clean yet decorative, with the primary color being white. One example is Kindle Furniture.

Recognizing Contemporary Pieces, Characterization

  • Molded plywood
  • Plastic
  • Bright steel
  • Natural materials
  • Unique shapes
  • Warm color surfaces
  • Some ergonomics

If you’re not sure how contemporary pieces might look in your home, we have an interior design studio for your convenience.

Hidden Gems in High-end Furniture: Think Space

Open spaces make people feel freer and more relaxed. Compare a busy clothing shop to a furniture showroom. In the clothing store, everything’s tight and uncomfortable If a room were similar, any beautiful pieces would get lost in translation. So keep it simple as you peruse the Mongomery Count’s best-kept secret furniture pieces. A piece should not overwhelm everything else. 

Color Coding

As you review your options in high-end furniture, color is an essential factor. In design “protocol,” try to avoid having over three colors in a room (this is busy). Shades of white are classic and timeless. White represents safety, cleanliness, and freshness- a clean slate if you will. Add to that something trendy like yellow or blue, and you’ve found a treasure that will sparkle in your home. 

Now, you don’t have to find a piece that has ALL those colors in one piece. On a sofa, for example, just add on a pillow.

What about Rugs?

Don’t forget to consider high-end carpets as you shop. Rugs bring elegance and warmth to a room, and they can also separate spaces. When you can’t afford a whole new floor, rugs are your budge-friendly solution. Feel like a change in your color scheme? Yep, a rug!

Should your floor have cracks or stains, high-end carpet, like those at Tufenkian hide them neatly. If a room is too dark, seek a lighter floorcloth. 

Looking for Diversity

If you want a one-stop shop to buy your goods. Hendrixson’s is a marvelous option among Montgomery County’s best-kept secrets for high-end furniture. Visit us today!

We have a store in Furlong (215-240-4842) and Emmaus (610-477-3747). You can also use our online form for inquiries at any time.

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