Interior design and décor was beautiful in 2016. While the future will undoubtedly offer many new designs, some furniture trends from 2016 will continue to dominate far into 2017 and beyond.

Blue or Green

Fabric and actual furniture comes in a number of colors, with blue being a popular choice in 2016. Dig out your denim because leading color experts from AkzoNobel have landed on a shade of blue called Denim Drift as the Color of the Year for 2017. Different shades of blue, with navy blue sofas dominate the design scene. Now look to blue cabinets, patterned chairs, kitchen counters, and even dining tables to be on your wish list.


Of course, not to be dismissed is the 2017 Pantone Color of The Year, “Greenery,” meant to represent refreshment and revitalization, something we could all use in a complex social and political environment, according to Pantone.


Slimmer, scaled-down profile furniture.

The days of oversized furniture pieces have been gone for quite some time and the trend of scaled-down pieces will continue in 2017. Furniture should not be the dominant room feature anymore and your rooms should not appear packed with furniture.


The use of wood grain in furniture.

Natural looking furniture and accessories are key decorating trends. If you followed the advice of décor experts in 2016 and purchased wood grain furniture, you can happily keep the pieces on display well into the future. Oak is a must-have choice, although darker finishes are also popping up next season. There are a number of wood finishes to choose from. One table that has us all excited is the live edge table from Harden.

Eco-friendly furniture, recycling and green ideas.

Recycling ideas, up-cycle redesign, eco-friendly and organic design spiced up by modern colors and innovations are the latest trends that continue to bring fresh, interior design solutions. Aged wood, salvaged wood and metal, natural home fabrics, eco-friendly materials, and recycled crafts that offer unusual ways to reuse and recycle are modern design trends. Eco-friendly furniture is becoming very popular and this fantastic trend will continue to dominate in 2017. Shoppers are money-conscious, and also want to find items that won’t damage the beautiful and fragile planet we live on. Re-used furniture, recycled pieces, and sustainable source materials are all great ways to ensure your décor is greener. Hendrixson’s carries Urban Collections from Yutzy that have created a marriage of century-old woodworking and finishing techniques with easy customization of wood species, color, and style. Yutzy brings the newest looks for today’s smaller quality driven energy efficient homes and we are happy to carry furniture from this manufacturer.

Traditional styles.

Although furniture pieces today celebrate sleek finishes, certain traditional styles transition with a modern twist. Large leather sofas are a great example. Models combine strong silhouette, traditional, and scaled-down designs. Hancock & Moore creates and offers beautiful pieces with fine carving, exceptional leather work and attention to detail second to none.

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