When planning furniture for kids, we want pieces that are durable, yet have soft features and comfort that grows as they do.


Finding Furniture For Kids

Finding furniture for kids can be an opportunity to let the inner child have fun with design.  Most of the time, we try and strike a balance between cost and practicality.  However, we all know that kids grow up, and like us, their styles change.  Hendrixson’s can offer great quality furniture for kids that will stand the test of time.  This creates value and stylistically can be adapted to your child’s whims as they grow up.

3 Rooms To Awaken Your Inner Child

A Child’s Bedroom

In no other room in your home can you make such a splash with colors or decorative themes and maybe even create the room you would have as a child, if resources were not an issue. For many parents, organization is a must and you simply cannot have too much storage space to pack away all of those toys that can really clutter an area. There are some great space saving set-ups available with pull-and-fold-out trundle beds, table, and desks, as well as storage cabinets in a wide variety of configurations that help you actually put in place the terrific ideas you have that your kids will love.

The Child’s Workspace

When kids are in school (or working from home), do you struggle to find the perfect place for study? Perhaps you need a game plan for after school work. First, set the scene with a desk or table. The bigger the better ― kids need lots of room to work. Next, add bookshelves, file cabinets, and storage bins to keep supplies organized and within reach. Also, you can decorate the walls. Include a wall clock, decorative canvas prints, and a corkboard for pinning A+ work, photos, and more. You can accent the work surface with a small plant, photo frame, or a favorite souvenir. Finally, finish it off with a comfortable chair with ergonomic features to allow for some comfortable down time.

The Child’s Playroom

Playing while growing up must go together- All of us have had our little corner to play where we could use our imagination. Creating a playroom may seem easy yet we have to consider everything kids like, favorite styles, and different zones to be included. Therefore we must bring some inspiration to create their playroom and look for different ways to understand the space. Some elements work well in any style. For example, a teepee, a play kitchen, or a table to paint and draw can work almost anywhere. You also might like to consider playroom organization and storage. Finally, be sure to take advantage of all the space you have!

See This Exclusive Collection In-store

The Stickley Starters collection is a great brand to look for all of your children’s furniture needs. Stickley has been building furniture to last for generations since 1900. Stickley Starters brings Stickley quality, design, and Arts and Crafts heritage into your children’s rooms. Designed to grow with your children and versatile enough to meet their changing needs, Stickley Starters includes twin beds and a bunk bed set, with the option of adding below-the-bed storage or a trundle bed for young visitors to enjoy. Stickley Starters also offers a variety of dressers, night stands, desks, and tables scaled to size for children and youth.

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