“Entertaining is truly the art of curating experiences. When I’m entertaining, I want people to feel embraced, comfortable, and as if they’re part of something exceptional.”

JEREMIAH BRENT, star of TLC’s series Married to Design: Nate & Jeremiah

Four Questions To Ask Yourself When Designing Your Home To Entertain

You should consider that we entertain co-workers, clients, neighbors, friends, and family before designing your home to entertain. Don’t stress over how to set the perfect table, which flowers should be used (if any), and what style works in their home. There are websites like Elle Décor that tackle this subject frequently and have some excellent tips. Also, be sure to check out Pinterest for some quick inspirational photos.  Then talk with one of our interior designers.  An interior designer will get you started with a plan and foundation for your upcoming party. You’ll want to reflect your style and personality. Your personal style says a lot about who you are. Your tastes may be trendy and daring or timeless and chic.  “Dress Up” your home so it reflects the unique traits that make you, well … you.

Do you entertain casually from the kitchen while preparing a meal?

First, try Jessica Charles furniture for some inspiration. The designers at Jessica Charles are very talented and offer bold graphic prints and pops of color in their selections.  They use the latest fabrics and leathers with personality, colors, and charm that are both vibrant and sophisticated. The ever-growing selection of stylish upholstery delivers a dose of undeniable style for fashion-forward living. You should take time to look at their website, get inspired, and find a style that suits you best.

Do you prefer to entertain in a more formal atmosphere?

There is a reason that Kindel furniture is often found in antiques stores. Timeless, exquisite pieces span generations.  Therefore, when designing your home to entertain, Kindel’s dining rooms make a lasting impression while being comfortable and beautiful accents to formal dinners.


Do you have an outdoor space that warms up as it cools down?

When you design your home’s outdoors to entertain, consider luxury outdoor furniture from Brown Jordan. Brown Jordan was founded in 1945 and is consistently ranked among the top rated outdoor furniture brands.  Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan started the company in Pasadena, CA to make exclusive all-weather outdoor furniture.

Brown Jordan is known as an innovator who introduced tubular aluminum and vinyl lace designs, called “Leisure.” With more than 30 unique collections, Brown Jordan is the “best of the best.”  Deservedly, when it comes to outdoor furniture Brown Jordan won numerous Design Awards and is are a durable brand guaranteed to meet all expectations. Brown Jordan in your home will certainly reflect the Good Life.


Or do you like to plan overnight gatherings with lots of personal touches?

Design your vacation home or guest rooms to entertain with beautiful options from Councill, part of the Kindel Furniture family. In 1973, Fred and Hope Councill founded Councill in Denton, North Carolina. They believed the inherent beauty of fine furniture lives forever.

Your guests will be impressed by the hand craftsmanship Councill offers. Councill is meticulous with their selection of unique and beautiful veneers, bench assembly, tailored upholstery, and custom hand-finishing techniques. Councill presents a comprehensive offering of luxury furniture, fusing timeless design, and time-honored tradition.


Hendrixson’s Furniture can provide many design styles and options no matter your style preference. Come see the Hendrixson’s interior design team. They will help point you in the right direction for whatever entertaining challenge you face.

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