Hendrixson’s prides themselves in continually seeking the finest quality manufacturers of home furnishings to represent and carefully reviewing those we carry to ensure they have maintained the level of construction, quality, and design excellence our customers expect. We believe we have established strong ties to the very best makers of quality furnishings representing every aspect of the broad range of customers’ design needs. Whether you are looking for the finest reproduction furniture, the most current and artistic new designs, or are working around challenging architectural hurdles, they know you will find our repertoire of vendors capable of surpassing your demands.

Throughout their many years in business, Paul and Virginia Hendrixson have practiced and taught their children a personal approach to the furniture they carry and the people who create it. From their first days, they have always held firm the belief that they would not sell furniture they would not be proud to have in their own home and they would not do business with people they would not be equally happy inviting for dinner.

In taking this approach, they have been fortunate to find an industry full of individuals equally as passionate about the furniture they create as the Hendrixson’s are of representing it in their showrooms.

Throughout their long history partnering with the preeminent names in luxury furniture manufacturing, Hendrixson’s has established many lasting relationships creating a reserve of mutual trust that is, in turn, shared with customers.

Hendrixson’s offers beautiful area rugs from hand-knotted Tibetans to fine wool and silk Persians. They also offer the finest wall-to-wall carpeting made from pure New Zealand wool and other fine materials.

Lighting is an important consideration when developing any floor plan. Light, whether natural, as from windows or skylights, or artificial, as determined by the placement of lamps and ceiling lights, can dramatically affect the interplay of color in a room and determine its sense of spaciousness and warmth.

Hendrixson’s Furniture takes pride in having the most skilled and knowledgeable furniture repair personnel available on our staff. They carefully inspect and go over each piece of furniture they receive and are prepared to assist you with its repair should it be damaged after you have received it. With the shift by many furniture manufacturers towards inferior less expensive materials and construction techniques, only individuals familiar with the fine materials that comprise high-end furniture are capable of properly repairing them. Furniture sold by Hendrixson’s Furniture is comprised of the finest solid woods and veneers and the most hands-on, multiprocess finishes. Our team will ensure that the items you receive have been thoroughly inspected and that you are satisfied with their quality well into the future.

At Hendrixson’s Furniture they pride themselves on the quality of our delivery personnel. Unlike many furniture businesses that outsource this aspect of their business, Hendrixson’s Furniture depends upon its own team of professionals made up of individuals who are highly trained at the handling of fine quality furniture. Our delivery people are knowledgeable about any set up required and helpful in the placement and removal of existing furniture. Experienced in even the most difficult delivery scenarios, they pride themselves in making this final aspect of your purchase enjoyable and stress-free!

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