Looking for a simple way to give your space an update?

You can pick fabrics, colors, and styles just fine, but sometimes it’s expert advice that really “makes” an interior design project.

Windows can be especially intimidating. They’re a commitment and a focal point — you have to get them right. Window treatments and pillows really complete a space. They are the final step in making the decor feel luxurious. They are often also a necessity.


Think about how often you plan to open and close your drapes or shades. Are you someone who does this daily? Would you like sheers so that you always have sunlight and also have privacy? There are so many options, from sheers to drapes to solar shades to Roman shades. It is all very exciting, yet the process can also be overwhelming. Window treatments should project a different vibe based on the room they’re in — sexy if they’re in a master bedroom, or sweet and soft if they’re in a nursery. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks and go with patterns and color.

Throws and accent pillows may be the most important home accessories you can own. They provide pops of color, texture and luxury. And they can be added on a limited budget. Because the price tag is lower than a new piece of furniture, they can be traded out for the season or trend changes.

By focusing on the quality of a few basic items, you will definitely be able to keep your home feeling up to date no matter what the year. That’s because high quality never goes out of style — so invest in some decorations that feel right.