At Hendrixson’s, we ask ourselves everyday, “If a customer came in and asked us why (fill in the blank) costs what it does and why should I buy it, what would we tell them?”

Today I want to highlight one of many reasons an American manufactured, two-sided Shifman Mattress is the ONLY mattress choice for our customers.

There are many reasons a Shifman Mattress set from Hendrixson’s should be your next sleep solution purchase.  Shopping for a mattress can be awkward at best, and maybe even irritating. Sometimes as you walk out the door of your local “sleep shop” the salesperson will chase you into the parking lot asking if you’ll reconsider a purchase today for a lower price (than was quoted just 10 minutes earlier).  Of course everyone wants a fair price.  The question is why weren’t you offered that price when you first walked into the store? At Hendrixson’s, you’ll receive the best possible price on Shifman Mattresses every time you walk into the store.

Another reason to consider a Shifman Mattress set from Hendrixson’s and probably the most important is that Shifman only makes two-sided mattresses.  You might be saying to yourself, “I thought ‘they’ [the industry] didn’t make two-sided mattresses anymore.”  Sleep shops have been spreading this story ever since major mattress manufacturers elected to change their two-sided designs to a cheaper one-sided version. This was done in part to comply with the California’s open flame test.  Here is a brief summation of test 16 CFR Part 1633 Standard for the Flammability of Mattress Sets.  This one (of three) test mechanically blew a flame on the side and top of a mattress/foundation set, and had to withstand a 50 second side torch, a 70 second top torch and then a 30 minute burn without engulfing the mattress in flames.  What the industry experts noted during the test was that the flame was flickering around the second (lower) side of the mattress because of the inherent gap.  This caused the mattress to engulf in flames and exceed the peak heat release of 200 kilowatts within 30 minutes.  A fail!  The solution? A one-sided mattress with a virtual seamless design would eliminate the flicker, causing the open flame test to slow and easily surpass the 30 minute requirement.  It was a win win for the manufactures.  Major manufacturers would charge the same price for what was now a mattress with a half-life of its predecessor, increasing the repurchase cycle while at the same time complying with the new fire regulations and creating instant profit.

Mattress Burn Test

So how did Shifman choose to solve the problem?  The right way!  Shifman uses Pyro-Shield: a two-layer fiber consisting of equal parts polyester and Visil.  Visil is a cellulose fiber made from wood pulp production.  When in contact with an open flame, Visil chars to create a barrier and the polyester resists ignition from the heat.  Pyro-Shield is the finest, most natural, inherently fire retardant material available.  Shifman has a compliant two-sided mattress made with all natural materials and no harmful fire retardant chemicals further separating themselves from the others.  The industry giants are busy spending their extra profits on large advertising campaigns touting all the reasons that two-sided mattresses have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Shifman meanwhile has stayed true to their 100+ year roots, manufacturing in the USA, two-sided mattress sets with all natural materials. They have been manufacturing a product that will last many years beyond the competition and provide a more comfortable night’s sleep than any product available.

Come in and experience the hand-made quality and comfort of a two-sided mattress and boxspring from Shifman.

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